Welcome to our Intake Department

Where it all begins

Your family may be eligible for services at The Children’s Center Intake Department if your child is:

  • Having difficulties in school or at home
  • Having difficulty adjusting to a life change
  • Reacting to a traumatic event
  • Displaying anger or aggression
  • Experiencing depression or anxiety
  • Showing signs of developmental delays

Also, if you are pregnant or the caretaker of a child 6 years or younger you may find our Infant Mental Health program helpful. Serviced are focused on building a healthy relationship between the parent or caretaker and child.

Our intake process starts with you seeing one of our Case Managers who will meet with you to obtain important information about you and your child, including the reason that you are interested in beginning services at The Children’s Center. Our Case Manager will make sure that The Children’s Center is the right place to meet your family’s needs. They will then introduce you to the clinician who will be conducting your assessment or assist you with locating a more appropriate resource if it is determined that The Children’s Center isn’t the right place for you.

Our intake assessments are conducted by Master’s level licensed clinicians who will spend approximately 1.5 hours (per child being assessed) with you gathering important information to assist in determining services that your child is eligible to receive.

Upon the completion of the intake, your child will be recommended for appropriate clinical services. Find the services we provide in the What We Do section at the top of this page.

If you are interested in coming in or you have additional questions about our services or your eligibility please contact us at 313.262.1212 or, click here to Request An Appointment. We accept Medicaid and most private insurances.


Walk In Services

The Children’s Center proudly offers walk-in appointments for children and families to begin the process of receiving mental health treatment.

Open Access is held on our main campus located at 79 West Alexandrine, Building 90, Detroit, MI 48201.  We ask that you present between the hours of  8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Monday through Friday.

*Due to health precautions related to the Coronavirus, temporarily, we are asking you to call our office before walking in to ensure that we are able to see you.  We may still be able to see you for a same day appointment.


Please carefully review the following criteria to determine if you are eligible for a walk-in intake assessment:

  • Children 6 years of age and younger not seeking Autism Benefit Waiver/ABA services
  • Children 7 years of age or older must be enrolled with Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network. (You may call the Wayne County Access Center to verify your child’s enrollment status at 313.224.7000.)
  • Guardian must present appropriate picture identification reflecting Wayne County residency. (If you have private insurance, Wayne County residency is not required.)
  • Birth certificate or Legal Guardianship order and social security number of child(ren)
  • Court orders reflecting Wayne County wardship for all court wards
  • Child must be present with parent/guardian

Keep in mind that you are likely to experience a wait as we will first see clients with scheduled appointments. Walk in services are provided in the order that you check in for services.

If you are interested in coming in or you have additional questions about our services or your eligibility please contact us at 313.262.1212. Or, click here to Request An Appointment.

We look forward to servicing your family.

As a focus on health and safety, we are continuing to provide Telehealth Services. If you must visit our camp you see fewer staff coming and going. Our lobbies will look a bit different. We have moved chairs to allow for social distancing, added some barriers for separation, increased hand sanitizer throughout the building and other enhancements to keep our buildings safe and sanitized.

Preparing to Visit Our Campus


  • Hand washing is the most important factor in preventing the spread of germs and viruses.
  • Wash your hands often!
  • When coughing or sneezing, use your elbow to cover your mouth.

As a continued effort to protect our clients and staff, everyone visiting our campus must:

  • Wear a mask (if 2 years or older) covering your mouth and your nose.
  • Answer health screening questions.
  • Have a temperature reading.
    • (If your temperature is above 100˚ you will not be allowed to enter our campus for your safety)
  • Maintain 6 feet of social distance.
  • If you are ill or sick call to reschedule your appointment.

If you are unable or refuse to comply with these requirements you will not be allowed to enter any of our buildings.

To reduce the number of interactions when visiting us, only the child and parent/guardian participating in the service for the day will be allowed to enter the building.

Our Crisis Care Center

If your child is currently in danger due to experiencing a crisis such as:

  • Thoughts or plans to hurt him or herself
  • Thoughts, plans, or attempts of hurting someone else
  • Hearing voices, seeing things, or poor impulse control
  • Severe depression or anxiety

Please call our Crisis Care Center at 313.324.8557.