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Join us for an inspiring, life-changing journey. Walk through our halls of hope and hear stories of courage, resilience and triumph against odds. Learn about the healing powers of a magic wishing well, a transformative wall of masks, and a bedazzled Giraffe. Discover how you can help us heal our children, empower their future and rebuild our city.

About the tour

Each stop along the tour showcases how we help children and families get a healthy new start on life. Learn about our:

  • Early childhood development programs
  • Therapy and support for those with mental health and behavioral disorders
  • Healing the hurt programs for those who have been abused, neglected, or experienced loss
  • Foster care, adoption, and independent living programs

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You will not be asked for a financial contribution on the tour. We simply ask you to invite others to Take the Tour.

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Tours are offered the first and third Thursdays of each month at noon and 5:30pm. We are happy to schedule group tours as well. Complete the form below or contact Janisha Szabo at 313.481.5106 or jszabo@thechildrenscenter.com to arrange a tour.