Your points can help grow donations for The Children’s Center

Redeem Membership Rewards® points through the MembersGive® Program

With an eligible American Express Corporate Card, you earn valuable Membership Rewards points.
One of the areas that you can redeem these points is as a donation to The Children’s Center through the MembersGive program.

How does this work?

  • Redeem points in a few minutes online through the link to MembersGive program on our donation site or at
  • Choose The Children’s Center as a 501c3 foundation listed as one of the organizations through the site.
  • Points are translated into a cash donation and a check is issued, with all the other donations, every quarter accompanied by a listing of each donor’s name, mailing address, e-mail address, and the amount donated.
  • Membership Rewards point levels are set to correspond to gift donations. Every 1,000 points donated equals $10.00. So 10,000 points can = $100 donation.
  • There is no incremental cost to accept your Membership Rewards points as a donation and there is no transaction fee on your points donations.