Parent support partners help families heal

You’re not alone

Sometimes those are the most comforting words a parent can hear. Especially those who have children with mental illnesses. We pair parents with parent support partners who have been in their shoes, and can connect them with life-changing resources, support and insight.

How parent support partners help families

Our free service pairs qualified parents who have children with emotional, behavioral, or social challenges, with parent support partners who help them:

  • Connect with resources, activities and community groups that help the entire family cope and thrive
  • Create an invaluable support network that they can rely on when formal services end
  • Increase confidence and competence in parenting skills specific to their situation

Support parents know what you’re going though, and help you through it.

Why it matters

Connecting with people who have been in a similar parenting situation can give parents hope and provide critical support. Research shows that this unique relationship:

  • Decreases the perception of judgment and increases empowerment
  • Improves the outcomes of children with emotional and behavioral challenges
  • Increases access to services and participation in them.
  • Enhances parental self-efficacy and decreases feelings of isolation.

Parents need support too

We pair parents who have children with severe emotional disturbance with support parents who help them connect with necessary resources and support. This service is free of charge to qualifying parents, and provides an invaluable network that lets families know that they are not alone.

Learn more

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