Generosity warms our hearts. And empowers our children.

We are delighted to recognize all financial contributions in our annual Impact Report. Supporters contributing $1,000 or more annually and estate plan benefactors are prominently recognized in our main campus lobby.

The Children’s Center receives nearly 2,000 financial contributions annually from individuals, civic organizations, foundations, and corporations. Whether these gifts come in the form of classroom penny jars or six-figure philanthropic investments, they are all valued and collectively make a difference for our children and families.

Below is a summary of our giving circles and societies:


Supporters who commit to monthly giving at any dollar value for one year or longer to fund the greatest needs of children and families. Become a Believer today!

Leadership Circle for Families

Those who make annual contributions beginning at $1,000 to support therapeutic services, child welfare, and early childhood education for children and families.

Village of Giving Society

Supporters who make a five-year commitment beginning at $1,000 to fund the greatest needs of children and families through therapeutic services, child welfare, and early childhood education:

  • A Healthy Start: $1,000 to $4,999 annually for five years
  • Healing the Hurt: $5,000 to $9,999 annually for five years
  • A Safe Home: $10,000+ annually for five years

Endowment for Children & Family Preservation

Those who make a financial contribution to The Children’s Center endowment fund to ensure our long-term sustainability and preserve our service to children and families.

James Couzens Heritage Society

Individuals who include The Children’s Center in their estate plans including bequests, insurance policies, and charitable trusts. These estate gifts may be designated to the endowment or annual fund.


To further explore our Giving Circles and Societies at The Children’s Center, please contact our Director of Individual Philanthropy at 313.960-6261.