2024 Power of Possibilities Breakfast
May 7, 2024 | 7:00 to 8:30 AM
Detroit is re-emerging as a city of opportunity, unless you’re a Black boy.
Crisis to Connection: An Imperative for Our Black boys
Change A Life
Become a foster/adoptive parent and/or host home provider.
Real Talk About Children’s Mental Health Podcast
We get real about the unimaginable mental, social, and behavioral health challenges faced by Detroit’s most vulnerable children and families.
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Become An Advocate.
Lend your voice, passion and experience to improve the lives of our children and families.
We Help Children Dream Again.
We know when you lift a child's spirit, you ultimately lift an entire community.
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Nothing's worse than when your child is in crisis. Who can help when it feels like your world is falling apart? We can.

Monthly Giving

Your monthly gift enables us to keep our services free and available to the children and families we serve.


Being in a loving foster care home offers our children the chance to know protection, compassion, hope.


Since 1929, we’ve led the way in working with children struggling with mental and behavioral health challenges or experiencing trauma.


Want to help new children and families or caregivers understand services and resources provided by The Children’s Center? Join us.


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Brand Pillar No. 1

We help children by looking at more than a single issue. We treat the whole child. We examine the barriers in the home, school or community. We work with the family who raises them. And we bring all our learning together to support their healing and get them on the road to a happier, more fulfilling childhood. What makes The Children’s Center unlike any other place? Within the answer is the magic of who we are, our unique brand. 

Brand Pillar No. 2

We help children heal, grow and thrive. We help empower their voices. And learn to self-advocate once they’re outside the comfort of our walls. Learn about our advocacy priorities and why the work we do is essential. Lend your voice and passion. We rely on passionate volunteers to amplify our messages online and help advance our policy platform.

Brand Pillar No. 3

The Children’s Center stands for family, for healing and for hope. We practice integrated, evidence-based care. That means care that’s been tried and tested, proven to be effective to help children overcome their challenges and grow into strong, healthy, productive adults. 

good words. good people.

  • “When it comes to taking care of children The Children's Center is it. They provide excellent service for everyone. They help children in foster care and help adults become a licensed foster parent. They're a good source for community resources.”

    Kwajalyn BF Bradley
  • “I just completed the tour of The Children's Center feeling completely inspired - well done, Marletta! This is a beautiful organization for the children of Detroit - I only wish I knew about it sooner!”

    Benny Edwards
  • “I take my son to The Children’s Center. I like our program and would like to recommend it for infants and children. I like my worker and she's the best. They greet you nicely and always on time with your appointments. They try to help in any way they can.”

    Andrea Sapp
  • “My son Johnathan attended the Children's Center Head Start Academy, since the age of 3 years old. He started Kindergarten in the Fall, at his new school, and he is now currently on the Honor Roll!!! The staff and teachers at the Children's Center did an excellent job of preparing him for Kindergarten!!! Thank you! We will always be a part of the Children's Center Family!”

    QueenDee Tooks
  • Great services, helpful supportive system, and a great way to meet other parents with the same goals.

    TC Littles
  • The Children's Center is an amazing organization at every level. The care that our children and entire family have received is truly life changing. They focus not only on healing children, but also on healing the family unit and training parents how to best deal with their child's issue. They have brought our family hope and we are watching our children heal and thrive. I cannot say enough good things about The Children's Center.

    Tiffany Vangunten Brocker
  • “The center helps parents and students with services at on many levels. Students get mentoring, tutoring, supplies for school. Parents can receive many supportive systems to reach their goals the same way.”

    Kim Bates
  • I was fortunate to take a tour of this wonderful organization this morning. What a fantastic facility that does amazing this for children and families in our community!! I strongly encourage you to take a tour or make a clothing/ food donation if your able. Don't sell your kids clothes for a few dollars, but rather change the life of a child who truly is in need of clothing; especially little boys clothes. I know I will be donating soon.

    Meghan McCarthy Storey
  • “A wonderful organization with a long history of serving Detroit's most vulnerable children and families.”

    Kate Fettig Hill
  • “My most favorite charity ever!!!!!!!!”

    Laurie Saims