Every child deserves to glow from the inside out. For some, that glow only begins when they discover the warmth of a loving family. Every year, The Children’s Center works with adoptive families who provide open arms to children who are in need of a safe, loving home. When Ny’lah nad Ky’lah were adopted by their paternal relative, they began to flourish in ways even their adoption worker did not expect. This is their story.


From The Children’s Center staff point of view:

It isn’t always easy to find relatives for placement of a child when they first come into care, however it is so very important to keep searching. Placing a child with a relative can give a child a sense of peace and hope for happy future.

Ny’lah and Ky’lah were initially placed with a maternal relative, however the relative was not able to adopt the girls. The relative helped the adoption worker with reaching out to other relatives to see if anyone might be interested in adopting them. A paternal relative reached out to the adoption worker to state that they were interested in adopting both girls.

DHHS and The Children’s Center worked together to get the necessary clearances to have the girls start visitation with the family as well as begin the process to have the girls placed with the family. The girls were very excited to meet the family and adjusted very well to spending time with them and eventually being placed with them. The girls began to flourish in the paternal relative’s home. They were happier and more active.

The love and trust the girls developed with paternal relatives was undeniable. The girls had a glow to them that had never been seen by the adoption worker before. This family made the girls feel loved and accepted allowing them to be themselves completely without fear. The girls finally had their forever home.

Family Statement:

Ny’lah and Ky’lah have been a wonderful addition to our family. They have brought joy and laughter to our home. We have enjoyed watching them adapt and excel in their new environment. We now feel that our family is complete, and we look forward to what the future holds.


Every child deserves a loving family!

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