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Join us as a Believer today and contribute to restoring hope for children and families dealing with overwhelming challenges.

Your monthly gift of $25 (about $5 a week) will provide evidence-based care that’s been tried, tested, and proven to help an at-risk child heal, grow and thrive.

Your monthly donation offers hope to over 3,500 children who may be abused and neglected, facing behavioral, emotional, and psychological obstacles at home, school, and within the community, or navigating intellectual and developmental disabilities, such as Autism.

If you believe, we invite you to join our monthly giving program, Believers, by signing up below!



$10 will provide a child and parent with one round-trip bus ticket so they may receive healing therapy.



$25 will provide 5 children with art supplies for a therapy session as an outlet to release their trauma.



$50 will provide a non-verbal child with a flash card book to help communicate what they want and need.



Or, choose your own monthly donation amount to help a child heal, grow and achieve positive outcomes.

Why giving monthly matters

It fits your budget

Whatever amount your monthly gift is, every dollar accumulates and will equip children with support and services that help them heal.

It plans for the future

Sustained gifts enable The Children’s Center to strategically expand and innovate.

It takes you behind the scenes

Your commitment brings you closer to our work through exclusive updates on our progress and your impact.

It provides children with continued support

Month after month your gift works to provide children with critical resources to navigate their unimaginable journeys.

Membership Benefits

With your generous recurring monthly gift, you will become a member of Believers and receive our member benefits, including:

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Thank you Believers!

We’re so grateful for your monthly support.

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A child’s future is forever changed by your monthly donation as a Believer! Thank you.