Life is full of surprises. For Jodi and Dusan, their surprises came in the form of three bundles of love, one of whom is their adoptive son Julius. Julius was just one of nearly 3,000 children in Michigan waiting for an adoptive home in any given year. The Children’s Center works to find a safe, loving family for these children, many of whom have been removed from their birth families due to abuse or neglect. We believe that every child deserves a loving home. We are thrilled that Julius found his. Here is his story.


Meet the family: Jodi & Dusan, their sons, Maximus and Augustus, their bonus, Julius.

What a wonderful time I had working with Jodi and Dusan aka Dan, caring, loving and committed to adoption, family and their community. They came to The Children’s Center as foster parent with a desire to grow their family. They met their son Julius when he was 8 months old. Julius was introduced to his older brother, Augustus upon arrival in the home the two became the best of friends doing everything together.

The brothers welcomed a younger brother, Maximus into the family, the once small family of one son has grown to three sons, as Jodi shared “My Three Sons”. The three brothers are very close, Julius is now a big brother and a younger brother. The love between the children and the family is priceless. Both Jodi and Dusan aka Dan have a passion for Greek names. Each one of their sons has a special Greek name, thus making Julius’ birth name the perfect mix for their family. The family is aware that having completed a cross-racially adoption, they can experience some challenges however, they are committed to providing for their sons the best lives possible.


Every child deserves a loving family!

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