Many of the children we serve have seen life through the lens of hopelessness. Abuse. Trauma. Some of them have been removed from their homes because of these tragedies. The Children’s Center works to ensure a healthy transition and happy future for hundreds of foster and adoptive children every year. Jeremy was one of these children. We believe children like Jeremy deserve the chance to experience the joy of simply being a child. And to build bigger dreams than even they imagined. This is Jeremy’s story.


Jeremy came into care on 06/24/2016 with his twin brother due to allegations of gross negligence, sexual abuse, supervision by unsuitable adults. During the course of his stay in foster care, he had seven unsuccessful placements and was diagnosed with multiple mental health and medical conditions.

The case was assigned to the adoption unit on 09/18/2018 after the parental termination of rights on 05/09/2018. Jeremy displayed uncontrollable behaviors, borderline intelligence, enuresis and was in a lot of prescribed medications including therapy to address his diagnosis.

The paternal grandmother initially came forward to plan for him and his twin brother but was not able to have placement due to financial reasons. The foster parent at the time was interested in his adoption but did not appear to have the capability to structure Jeremy and his twin brother. On the third attempt for placement, as three is a charm, Jeremy was placed with his grandmother. Once Jeremy was placed, he along with his grandmother worked together with The Children’s Center to ensure that all services were in place including educational, therapeutic, medical and other services.

Today, Jeremy is thriving emotionally, making all A’s and his medications cut in half. Jeremy no longer suffers from enuresis or encopresis and is able to sleep all night. Two years ago, the grandmother states that she is thankful and grateful that she got her first twin, the grandson of her deceased son. She is now in pursuit of the other twin. It’s been a 5 year journey and grandma credits her faith, perseverance and love for her grandsons.


Every child deserves a loving family!

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