Every voice matters at The Children’s Center and we make it a priority to listen. That’s why the Consumer Advisory Council is so important to us.

The Consumer Council allows parents and guardians of children who are receiving services at The Children’s Center to come together to discuss ways to improve programming, provide support to other families, and advocate for changes based on their experiences.

The Council hosts an annual Town Hall where families can voice their concerns and ask questions directly to our agency’s leadership. Faces of Trauma is another Council program coming up on February 27th 2019. The annual event sheds light on the effects that trauma can have on children and families.

All of this is possible because of you!

Your support enables the Council to host these events, and our staff to implement necessary changes to improve our Center. We are grateful you value the voices of our children and families as much as we do. Thank you for empowering children and families!
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