The Client Services Team works to support the staff and families at The Children’s Center. They are the first smiles that you see when you walk through the door and the last warm good-bye when exiting. By assisting with visitor, staff, and client needs, arranging visitor appointments, booking transportation for clients, requesting interpreter services, and verifying insurance, this team supports the families and staff at The Children’s Center. They are devoted, dedicated and always willing to pitch in. The Client Services Team consists of Jatauna Beamer, Patricia Phillips, T’Yanna Jamison, Andrea Lyon, and Dina Sommerville.


Jatauna Beamer

Jatauna has enjoyed being a part of The Children’s Center family for the past two years. After 17 years of working in CMH, juvenile abuse and neglect, her love for working with children and families naturally brought her to The Children’s Center. Jatauna is the supervisor of Client Relations, overseeing Client Services and Client Records. Under her leadership, her team is committed to servicing TCC clients and staff in many capacities. Jatauna’ s desire is to families and staff of The Children’s Center with a “can do attitude.”



Patricia Phillips

Patricia Phillips is part of the Customer Service Specialist II team. She first came to The Children’s Center in the summer of 2015, as a temporary employee. During that time, Patricia met many staff and families. Everyone at The Children’s Center was so warm and welcoming. It was then Patricia decided that she wanted to work at The Children’s Center permanently. Patricia has been at The Children’s Center for what she describes as a wonderful 5 years. Pat has met, serviced, and built a connection many clients; affectionately known as Ms. Pat. She has witnessed many clients complete their treatment. When making follow-up calls, Pat has seen many families reunified, giving her a constant reminder why she works at The Children’s Center. The Children’s Center carries out its mission, “To help children and families shape their own future”. “I continue to meet great people here and look forward to the upcoming years here at The Children’s Center.”


T’Yanna Jamison

T’Yanna is currently a Customer Service Specialist. She found her passion working at The Children’s Center when she started her employment as a Youth Peer Support Specialist and Home-Based Aide. She served providing her skills to empower, support, and encourage teens throughout their treatment using her lived experience. Through these roles, T’Yanna was able to empower teens to speak up for themselves and successfully transition to various levels of care and complete treatment. T’Yanna has since then broaden her experience transitioning to Customer Service Specialist to continue to assist, build healthy relationships with all families, and share the services and wonders The Children’s Center provides. T’Yanna is honored to call The Children’s Center a place of home.


Andrea Lyon

Andrea began at The Children’s Center as a Customer Service Specialist II in January 2022. With a background as a preschool educator, Andrea is pleased to service the children and families at The Children’s Center. She recognizes her support to staff at The Children’s Center ultimately impacts the children and families that are serviced. She works at the front desk of building 79 and looks forward to connecting with more staff and families.



Dina Sommerville

Dina is a Customer Service Specialist II and has been at The Children’s Center since February 2022. She can be found at the front desk of building 90 greeting and assisting The Children’s Center clients and staff. Dina’s passion for helping others in combination with her love for children makes joining The Children’s Center family a perfect fit. She is currently a member for the Culture Committee hoping to make an impact in company culture and looks forward to growing with The Children’s Center.

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