Celebrating Great Heart & Soul

“Thank you” is a phrase we take seriously at The Children’s Center. The love, the support and the commitment our volunteers make to our children and families is nothing short of amazing — and we are so grateful for it.

That’s why, in 2009 we created the Lisa V. Ford Heart & Soul Award Luncheon to recognize and thank individuals, parents, employees and organizations who have made exceptional volunteerism contributions to our center throughout the year.

This year, we hosted the event in early April, honoring those who so generously volunteered throughout 2016. Below are the individuals and organizations we celebrated for their remarkable heart and soul. We can’t thank them enough!

Staff Nominees
  • James Appleton
  • Roberta Davis
  • Emily Young, Winner
Lisa V. Ford Heart & Soul Individual Nominees
  • Natalie Donohoe
  • Deborah Gillespie, Winner
  • Vonna McMickel
Corporate Friend Nominees
  • Barton Malow, Winner
  • Cadillac Asphalt
  • DTE Energy


Community Nominees
  • Circle K
  • The Optimists
  • Med Life, Winner
Head Start Parent Nominees
  • William Champion, Winner
  • Bonnie Wilson
Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees
  • Charles Edmonson
  • Tony & Julie Foust
  • Rover & Hazel Karbel
  • Jean Wersching
  • Frank & Ruth Zinn


Would you like to you get involved and become a volunteer?

Call Jon Carolin 313.262.0939 or email at jcarolin@thechildrenscenter.com.



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