Passing the Board Chair Baton

Both Renee and Tina are passionate about empowering Detroit’s vulnerable children. We interviewed them about what inspires them to support our mission.


Renee Prewitt, Outgoing Board Chair

How long have you been involved with us?

I got involved in 2000 at the invitation of friend and Board Member, Bettye Arrington, and never looked back.

What about our mission inspires you?

I’m inspired by our commitment to treat the whole family. Also, I’m inspired by the foster parents who take in children and care for them like their own. They prove every day that love has no boundaries.

Share three words to describe your experience at The Children’s Center.
  • Inspired by all the work the organization does and how we fight the good fight.
  • Accountable. I’m impressed by how we deliver on the mission.
  • Fortunate to be associated with the organization and to witness all the good work that is making such a difference.
What leadership traits served you the most in your tenure as Board Chair?

Listening has been the most important leadership trait during my term. We are a volunteer board, and it’s important that every person knows that their expertise and points of view are valued, appreciated and heard.

What is one of your proudest moments?

I’m in awe of the commitment of foster parents. They commit knowing that the children they bring into their homes have problems, and they do the work to make them whole. It is a very tight-knit community. The phrase “it takes a village” really comes to life in the foster care community; I’ve seen the families share so much information to make things better for everyone involved.


Tina Ford, Incoming Board Chair

How long have you been involved with us?

In 2002, I attended a fundraiser to benefit The Children’s Center and that’s when I quickly fell in love with the mission. I’ve served on the Board since 2005, and the Executive Committee since 2008.

What about our mission inspires you?

I love the difference our programs make for our children and families. Our Mental and Emotional Impairment Program, Young Adult Self Sufficiency Program and our Incarcerated Pregnant Mothers Program have been standouts over the years.

Share three words to describe your experience at The Children’s Center.
  • Proud. We’ve doubled the number of children served in the past decade.
  • Passion. I really believe we are making a difference.
  • Fast. The time has flown by!
What leadership skill do you think will best serve you as Board Chair?

All I can ever offer is passion and my “bull in a china shop” personality. Hopefully, that will inspire others to join us.

What are some of your dreams for The Children’s Center?

To significantly grow our endowment. We don’t know how funding from the government will go. We have to ensure our financial sustainability if we are to continue making a difference for generations to come. I believe we can get there. We have so many passionate supporters, great staff and fortunately I have Renee and other past Board Chairs on speed dial!

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