2021 has been a challenge for us all as the pandemic continues affecting our daily life, physical and mental health. The Children’s Center has had to pivot unexpectedly to navigate remote services. Throughout these changes we have continued to provide outstanding care to the community we are committed to serve.

Thanks to the efforts of our loyal volunteers, dedicated staff members, and generous donors we have achieved many successes in 2021. 3,093 unique clients received support during the year. 319 families achieved the written goals that they had previously outlined and detailed for themselves.

Clients aged 13-17 represent the largest age group we serve. Through the Young Adult Self Sufficiency Program or YASS, youth removed from their family’s home receive valuable life skills lessons to help them bridge the gap from adolescence to adulthood, including budgeting and job interviewing. In 2021 our youth in semi-independent living had a high school graduation rate of 94%!

The Crisis Care Center is a vital resource for families if their child requires immediate care. The Center has helped in the past year to divert 75% of children in crisis from a psychiatric hospital. This alternative to a hospital allows the child the opportunity talk about their frustration in a less stressful environment with the guidance of a professional and the presence of their family.

Through the added challenges of working while remote, pivoting to telehealth services as needed, and managing personal stress and sickness, The Children’s Center team was able to stay strong and continue helping children in need. We will continue serving our community and supporting our families however we can in 2022.

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