In 2021, The Children’s Center has reunified 21 foster children with their biological families to date. It can be a difficult journey. Many children come into foster care having experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect. Thanks to your support we are able to make the process easier.

While a child is in foster care, our specialists not only meet with the child and their foster family, but also with the biological family to try to get them on track. We provide parenting classes, techniques for emotional regulation, and communication skills. We work with parents on their path to reunification to ensure they are equipped to safely parent their children.

Of course, it is not always possible to reunify a child with their biological family, especially in cases of abuse and neglect. For those children, our foster care specialists work to find forever, adoptive families that can promise brighter, happier futures. In 2021 The Children’s Center has helped 24 children be adopted to date.

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