“I gave up a lot of times. I didn’t want to be here. I was weak, drained, and overwhelmed. I didn’t want to be a parent and did whatever I could to not be a parent. I let my children’s father have sole custody of all my children. But when he passed, I realized I had to take real responsibility and be there for them. They didn’t have anyone else.

My oldest daughter is 13. She’s mad at me. Before I took back custody of my children, she was molested. I wasn’t there for her. She’s mad at me for not being able to prevent what happened; she won’t talk to me about anything, or even call me “mom.” Even though I wasn’t there then, I’m trying to be there now for all of my children.

I heard about The Children’s Center through my sister, Jodi. Without The Children’s Center guiding me and showing me the light at the end of the tunnel, I would be in complete darkness. They showed me how to be a good parent, how to trust, and how to rebuild my life. Better days are here for my family.

My dad put me out on the street when I was 15. I was homeless, and had to grow up fast. I don’t want that life for my kids. I want them to walk a straight path and be happy and healthy. We’re getting there with The Children’s Center.”

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