Imagine changing the trajectory of a child’s life. Helping children who are in danger find refuge and care in safe, loving adoptive homes.

In Michigan 3,000 children in any given year are waiting for a home. The Children’s Center offers adoption services to children who have been removed from their birth families due to abuse and/or neglect. All of our adoptive children are from the foster care system. Licensed foster parents are most likely to be able to adopt from us.

Our Adoptive Services program guides potential adoptive parents through the process, offering training, counseling, and 24/7 support to ensure the transition is smooth for both the adoptive parent(s) and children. Services like this are possible because of our donors and volunteers. Your support ensures Michigan’s children are adopted to loving families. You are changing lives every day!

Once adoption is complete, we continue to work with our adoptive families and children, providing an array of services and therapy — free of charge — to ensure a healthy transition and happy future.

You can change a child’s life

We invite you to explore how you can help adoptive children have a brighter future and the chance to experience the pure joy of being a child.

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