You’ve already made a difference for children and families in your lifetime. A hundred years from now, you could still be making a difference in the lives of Greater Detroit children. Would you consider including The Children’s Center in your estate plan?

People often think they aren’t wealthy enough to include a bequest in their estate plan or will. Truth is, the average U.S. estate is worth over $1M when you include property, remaining retirement funds, investments and other combined assets built over a lifetime. You’ll likely find there is more than enough to take care of family and contribute to your favorite charitable passion.

Bequests and life insurance policies are the most common types of legacy gifts. You tell us if you want your legacy gift to support the most significant annual needs or designated to endowment; whereby only the interest or investment income generated from the gift could be spent. It’s all up to you.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about our James Couzens Legacy Society while you’re alive and well! It all begins with a conversation about what you want your life to say about you.

Contact Cheryl Simon, our Chief Philanthropy Officer by calling 313.262.0930 or emailing

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