Trauma hurts. Many of the children we see are scarred by it, their pain rearing its head in the form of challenging behavior that isolates them from others like in the case of Vonna’s family. Our General Behavioral Health program provides treatment, enabling children to function more appropriately and reach their full potential socially and intellectually.

Last year, you made it possible for 2,379 children to be served in the General Behavioral Health Program. More than 35% experienced improved behaviors in one or two areas in six months! That’s a significant improvement.

General Behavioral Health services can help a family in many different ways. Services include:

  • trauma-informed therapy
  • case management
  • parent support groups and training
  • skill-building groups for youth
  • substance use disorder services

It is because of your support that children in our program receive the services they need to heal, grow and thrive.


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