Trauma affects each person in a different way, and often when one member of the family experiences trauma, the whole family is affected. Faces of Trauma is an event that explores the impact of trauma, and how individuals, families and communities cope with it. On February 1st, The Children’s Center held its fourth annual Faces of Trauma event for families, staff and community members.

More than 65 people attended, along with a panel of seven community leaders and trauma experts who fielded questions including:

  • What are some of the signs of a child who is experiencing trauma?
  • What advice do you have for our trauma survivors and their loved ones?
  • Share a success store that you have experienced or witnessed.

Our participants created a “Resilience Board” as an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings on the discussion. When asked about the high point of the event, one individual responded, “The resiliency piece. It showed me that I’ve come a long way and reached my recovery somewhat.” Another individual stated, “The many heartfelt testimonies of the thriving survivors.”

Your support helps turn trauma into triumph, despair into determination and fear into courage. Thank you!

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