Arlyssa Heard was on a mission. Her son, who was diagnosed with ADHD, had been receiving services from The Children’s Center since 2011, but something was missing. 

You see, as a parent, Arlyssa needed support, too. She had participated in two of our ADHD Parent Groups, and greatly benefited from the peer support she experienced. She came to us with the idea that we start a group for ALL parents of The Children’s Center kids with any kind of diagnosis. We thought it was a great idea. So Arlyssa took it upon herself to organize one. 

Our parents take the initiative.

For parents, ran by parents, our new parent support group purposely has no set agenda other than to support parents’ mental and emotional well-being. It’s a warm, welcoming atmosphere with open dialogue and peer support, along with guest speakers who talk about issues from finance to nutrition.

Off to a great start. 

So far, the group brought in a massage therapist who provided free massages, a parent spoke about Medicaid and reimbursement on mileage, and an entrepreneur talked about how she went from welfare to her own six-figure tax business. Inspiring, don’t you think?

Want to learn more?

Contact Pam Kelly at or 313.262.1227

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