Trauma Hurts. Let’s Help Heal It.

“Trauma has and still does affect my life. I had to navigate my way through several systems within Wayne County. I learned that sharing my life experiences is very powerful and supports others in their own journey.”

These are words from Tomeka Bryant, a Parent Support Partner at The Children’s Center, who told a powerful story of her struggle with trauma at our third annual Faces of Trauma event.

The event, which was sponsored by The Children’s Center Consumer Council, Youth United, Wayne County Fatherhood Initiative, Family Alliance for Change, and Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority, was designed to examine the impact of trauma and how individuals and families can cope with it.


This year, 56 guests attended and engaged in a discussion with a panel of experts including representatives from Child Protective Services to the Detroit Police Department to our center’s own doctors and clinicians.

Two parents and a youth shared their stories of trauma and explored its implications in their lives. “Hearing a dad share his story was very moving because men are sometimes forgotten,” says Tomeka Bryant. “To help face trauma, we must heal the entire family.”


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