Everyday Heroes: Irfan

Every Thursday, children in our autism and developmental disabilities program along with their parents, board a bus and head to the YMCA. Once there, they make their way to the swimming pool for the Detroit Swims program, which teaches children swimming basics and water safety.


This week, a boy named Irfan came with his dad to swim in the pool. Irfan is nine years old and has been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. At the pool, while seated in his wheelchair, Irfan was gently wheeled down the pool ramp. Once in the pool, Irfan started doing something totally unexpected — he began quickly kicking his legs.

“He hasn’t moved his legs in eight years,” his father said.

Irfan’s success made all of us cry with excitement and joy. Yet another milestone from one of our amazing Everyday Heroes.







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