On the evening of June 25, 2021, the equivalent of more than two months of rain fell in one day, overwhelming our roads, water systems, homes and businesses. Like many others in Detroit, The Children’s Center experienced significant damage. The lower level of The Paul D. Marsh Building at 90 Selden flooded. We lost much of the summer camp supplies that were packaged for our 2021 Summer Camp, which was scheduled to start July 6. When we realized the extent of the damage, we had to postpone the camp. You can imagine the campers’ disappointment.

Our lower level sustained massive water damage to the floors, walls, elevator, and more. This required the temporary closure of the entire floor, which houses our Activity Room, Boutique, Center for Discovery, and Family Literacy Center. This was devastating news for our Center, but our recovery and rebuilding began right away. And YOU were there to help us from the beginning.

We immediately secured a restoration contractor who pumped out water, tore out walls, removed debris and sanitized salvageable items. Early estimates indicate that our remediation will cost a minimum of $225,000!

As always, YOU helped us raise over $26,000 in less than two weeks for this project and restored faith for our families and children. Thanks to you, we were able to replace the summer camp supplies! Summer camp resumed only a week later than planned.

For many of our clients, this is the only summer camp activity they will have. Thank you for making it possible, despite a terrible weather disaster. We couldn’t be more grateful.

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