Think about how the most vital relationships in your life have shaped who you are. Our new program Understanding Dad™: A Program for Moms focuses on building that critical relationship between mothers and fathers in Wayne County.


We work to help raise mothers’ awareness behind the importance of a father’s involvement. Sessions help mothers build effective communication skills through personal reflection on their own developmental histories, and by working to show the effect relationships have on their children. The program also teaches mothers important co-parenting skills for raising children when when they are not in a partnership with their child’s father.


“This program is wonderful and eye-opening, looking at how our relationships with our parents, our mother and father, have an impact… it builds an awareness and helps to improve the relationships with the mothers and fathers of children,” says Christine Hudson, Community Engagement Specialist.


It’s because of you that this program is possible, and the effects are already taking hold. Thank you for helping bring this program to life!
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