Imagine aging-out of the foster care system at 18 and not having a family to turn to. These courageous young people are often not prepared with the skills or the resources to live independently. Many of them haven’t yet graduated high school.

Here is the fate for young people aging out of the foster care system*:

  • 20% immediately become homeless
  • 40% will experience homelessness within a year of aging out
  • 50% will be unemployed by age 24
  • 97% will not earn a college degree

It’s heartbreaking, but you are changing those numbers through supporting the Young Adult Self Sufficiency Program (YASS).

YASS is committed to setting up young adults for a successful future. This program pairs youth with mentors and supportive foster care placements like Kalum and Mr. Arbuckle (see Kalum’s story). 

Mr. Arbuckle taught Kalum about saving money, getting a car, applying to college, and having a positive outlook despite everything he’s been through. He’s a shining example of how a mentor can have an impact on a teen’s life.

In addition to working with supportive mentors, YASS participants also attend life skills classes and meet with their foster care workers at The Children’s Center to set and achieve their goals.

Because of your support:

  • 85% of YASS youth graduate high school
  • 84% live independently or with family two years after program completion
  • 83% are in school, have graduated, or are employed two years after completion

The future’s looking brighter already, thanks to you.

*Source of all statistics: National Foster Youth Institute

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