Advocating for children and families is a top priority at The Children’s Center. You help more and more families every year with your support — whether that means keeping a family like Rebecca’s together, or moving a child out of danger and into a safe environment.

Therapists at The Children’s Center know our families very well — making them expert guides, devoted to child and family well-being. They are able to provide the most accurate information to child and government services, enabling the right decisions to be made regarding the safety and happiness of our children and families.

Take Rebecca’s family. Her clinicians were able to show that although her family was living below the poverty line, she was connecting with resources that allowed her to provide her children with everything they need. For healthy families like Rebecca’s, The Children’s Center fights for their rights to be together.

However, we unfortunately also run into too many cases of abuse and neglect. When a child’s safety is in jeopardy clinicians fight to get the child into a safe environment immediately. You make sure that every child is growing up in a safe, loving home by making sure we have the right staff and resources to get the job done.

It’s because of you that the well-being of children and families comes first — you keep children safe, happy, healthy, and loved.

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