For families who are coping with autism, building social and relationship skills is an ongoing priority. That’s why our autism programs offer several group therapy classes for skill-building all throughout the year that are only possible through your support.

From topics such as transitioning to adulthood to building healthy relationships, our children have many opportunities to learn with their peers and build their skills.

Below are a few of the groups offered throughout the year, thanks to your ongoing support!

  • Social Skills Groups (SSG) focus on age-appropriate social topics such as making new friends, having a conversation, sharing, dealing with anger, helping others, and being a good sport. Participants work to learn these skills through a combination of methods including direct instruction, role play, and games targeting each skill.
  • The Healthy Relationship and Sexual Health Group teaches clients with developmental disabilities about healthy relationships and sexual health, including taking care of their body, understanding public versus private places and behaviors, puberty, and relationships.
  • The Transitions to Adulthood Group focuses on teaching skills related to being an adult in order to best prepare for the future. Topics include managing money, healthy eating, taking care of our bodies, household safety, safety in the community, finding a job, and interview skills.
  • The Lego League follows the curriculum outlined by “First Lego League.” Facilitators guide participants through team-based problem-solving challenges. Group members work together to design, construct, and program a Lego robot to accomplish each challenge. Each session teaches important elements of teamwork and collaboration.
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