“It really gives you hope when you have children, like my sons, who go through certain things and they don’t know how to deal with them. The skills they’ve learned at The Children’s Center gives them hope and confidence. I see that change in them, and I like what I see.” – Jennifer McCracken

Jennifer McCracken’s children had experienced a lot of trauma in their young lives. As a result of their pain, they started acting out, causing difficulty at home and school. Jennifer didn’t know what to do.

To add to the stress, the family discovered that their home was infested with bed bugs. They had to leave everything: their furniture, clothing, family pictures, and keepsakes.

The McCrackens turned to The Children’s Center in this time of need hoping we could help even a little bit. Thanks to your support, The Children’s Center not only helped the McCracken family process their trauma and cope with problematic behaviors, we also ensured they got back on the right foot as a successful and healthy unit.

While the family was receiving mental health services, you helped them get brand new furniture, beds and bedding — something the McCrackens never thought possible at the time.

The McCracken family story shows just how committed we are to treating the whole family and not just one problem. Your generosity allows families like McCracken’s and many others to overcome unimaginable challenges and create a promising future.

“To me The Children’s Center is the best mental health agency in metro Detroit area, hands down,” says Jennifer. “This is my family here.”

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