Books enrich us, grow our imagination and help us expand our horizons. Aside from therapeutic treatment, we believe there’s no better gift to give our children and families than more reading and learning resources.

That’s why in February, we’re opening the Center for Family Literacy (CFFL), funded by Tau Beta Association and the Jamie and Denise Jacob Family Foundation. 

CFFL will focus on literacy from birth to older youth and adults. Given that nearly 90% of our 7,500 clients are living at or below poverty and struggle with transportation, the CFFL has the opportunity to unite an enhanced enrichment program in one location.

The addition of the CFFL is part of the exciting renovations we’re making to our Boutique and Center for Discovery, offering families an array of resources. Due to these renovations the lower level of Building 90 will be closed temporarily. During this time we are unable to accept Boutique donations. Stay tuned for more information on when normal operations will resume.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Holly Gorecki, at 313-262-1220 or


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