Families who read together, achieve together. We’re making more space for families to come together and experience the joy of reading through our new Tau Beta Center for Family Literacy (CFFL). Funded by Tau Beta Association and the Jamie and Denise Jacob Family Foundation, the CFFL, which was formerly located at our Head Start Academy with a focus on early learning, will move to our main campus and focus on birth to older youth and adults as a part of a renovation and expansion to our Boutique and Tau Beta Center for Discovery.

This move will enable us to serve thousands more children and families. What’s more, given that nearly 90% of our 7,500 clients are living at or below the poverty level and struggle with transportation, the CFFL has the opportunity to unite an enhanced enrichment program in one location.

Here are just a few things the CFFL will offer:

  • A place of respite and fun where parents can read with their children.
  • An activity-centered space for foster care supervised visitation.
  • A resource for skill-building sessions and support groups, allowing clients to work on specific socialization, motor function, educational or development goals.
  • The ability for clients to check out books to foster a love of reading that expands beyond campus and into their homes.
  • Increased volunteer engagement opportunities including reading, guided learning activities and child enrichment.
  • Opportunities for parents to improve their own basic and financial literacy and participate in skill-building sessions.

We need your help! We are still in need of significant financial support to complete this project. If you are able to contribute, please contact us at 313-481-5116.

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