Imagine being in a crisis. Your child has just witnessed a shooting and is emotionally traumatized. Where do you go?

Before our Crisis Care Center opened, families would go to the hospital emergency room. Often, they’d wait to be seen while medical emergencies took precedence. When they did get in, they’d often be admitted for a mandatory stay, which costs around $8,000.

Crisis Care to the Rescue

Last year, we saw nearly 700 youth in our Crisis Care Center. More than 60% of them were having thoughts of suicide, self-harm or harming others. Our clinicians, along with our on-call psychiatrists, were able to de-escalate and divert nearly 70% of these children from hospitalization.

It costs us about $1,200 per crisis care incident. Medicaid reimbursement is about $300. While we take a loss every time we treat a child through crisis care, we believe it is the right thing to do. Don’t you?

Join us this July in supporting suicide prevention month by taking a tour, and spreading the word about our Crisis Care Center. Your support is helping resolve each crisis in a way that keeps families safe.

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