Dear Friend,

This has been a really, really, hard year. Sometimes I think it can’t get much worse. You’ve likely experienced fear, doubt, and loss at some level too.

Do you want to know what keeps me going?

YOU keep me going. Your kindness. Your care and compassion for our children and families. The life-changing difference you make, keeps me going.

Know what else keeps me going? Our courageous, honest, and hardworking children and families. Children and families who are fighting to survive their own unique crisis during these extraordinary times.

You play a crucial role in helping children and families heal, hope, and dream again. Because of you, they get the care and support they need. Please give now, and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $85,000.

Jasmine and her sons know what it means to have a hard year. Orlando was 9 – almost 10 and Jayden was 7.

Orlando was receiving services at The Children’s Center to get him on the right track with some behaviors at school. Jasmine shared, “Nothing too serious, he was being class clown and wanting attention. But it was affecting his grades.”

“Just an ordinary night. Homework, dinner, a little TV and then off to bed.” Jasmine said.

Never could Jasmine imagine waking up to a blazing fire ravaging her home. She grabbed Jayden from bed. But couldn’t get to Orlando because of the flames.

The fire department arrived and pulled Orlando from the house. All three were rushed to the hospital. Orlando and Jayden suffered severe burns over 80% of their bodies. Little Jayden responded well to treatment. Tragically, Orlando was taken off life support, just two days before his 10th birthday.

Through tears, Jasmine said, “There are really no words. I feel like my whole entire life was taken from me that night.”

“I lost my Orlando. We lost our home. I wanted to go to sleep and never wake up. But I knew Jayden was counting on me.”

With your help, families can receive desperately needed mental and behavioral health services during the most difficult times of their lives. With your continued support, healing and hope are possible! Please give as generously as you can.

“We’re still grieving. But I know I need to keep moving forward. I wake up every day with a smile and work as hard as I can for Jayden, even when it’s hard.” said Jasmine.

“Jayden has a lot of feelings about losing Orlando, that we deal with every day. He also got teased by kids at school, because his body is scarred from the fire.” said Jasmine.

And now with COVID-19, Jayden is attending virtual school. Some classes in the morning and some in the afternoon. Even with the teasing, he wants to get back to in-person school. He wants to get back to normal.

Please help children and families like Jayden and Jasmine continue to heal and find hope again. You’ve been so generous in the past; they need you now more than ever.

With deepest gratitude,


Debora Matthews
President & CEO
The Children’s Center

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Thank you for helping children in crisis heal, hope, and live their dreams. Becoming the amazing people they were born to be.

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