Are you a believer? Do you believe Detroit’s children deserve to heal, grow and thrive?

Welcome to Believers, a monthly giving program created by The Children’s Center to serve Detroit’s most vulnerable kids.

Believers help rebuild hope for children who struggle with unimaginable difficulties. The pain of mental abuse. The scars of poverty. The burden of neglect.

You can champion the never-ending quest for providing the best care for our children and get them on the road to a happier, more fulfilling childhood.

To join Believers, make a monthly gift below. We’re a passionate community of good neighbors committed to giving whatever we can to help heal Detroit’s most vulnerable children.



$10 will provide a child and parent with one round-trip bus ticket so they may receive healing therapy.



$25 will provide 10 children with art supplies for a therapy session as an outlet to release their trauma.



$50 will provide a non-verbal child with a flash card book to help communicate what they want and need.



Or, you can choose a different amount for your monthly gift to help a child heal, grow and dream again.

Watch video to learn more about Believers.

Watch how donors like you are changing lives every single day.

Meet Believers’ Founding Members

We are truly grateful to the following donors who helped make Believers possible.

Michael Carman
Ashlee Chesny
Shelia Donaldson
Francee Ford
Anne Mervenne
Simone & Lee Smith
Yield LLC