It’s an absolute joy to see the smiles of children as their hope is realized and dreams are imagined. The Children’s Center is the place where that comes to life for so many of our families. That’s why it’s so important that we work in the most effective and expressive way to move forward in our mission.

I want to share two mission-focused moves with you. As you can see, the newsletter has a new look and feel. This precedes a larger brand refresh you will see in the coming months. Everything is softer and more vibrant, giving off youthful energy that reminds us that “the child is the center of it all.”

Next, for the greater part of my career, I worked to create a space where joy can thrive in Wayne County. And I have reached a place where I’d like to play a more complementary role. I will be retiring and passing the baton to another come this fall, but I will be here, cheering and championing the work through continued service joining your ranks as supporter.