The Children’s Center hosted its first Graduation Celebration this past June, an event that celebrates high school graduates, as well as the support system they have around them. The event was attended by multiple graduates and their families, all of whom were treated to a nice breakfast.

After breakfast was served, attendees were greeted by a special guest, Will Bradford, founder of Creating Articulate Reach, a creative shop for marketing and social content, as well as branding for athletes and social influencers. Bradford talked about how he grew up on the east side of Detroit, and that he came from a family that barely had people graduate high school. “For me, I was able to witness the decisions they made and decide what route I would want to take.”, spoke Bradford.

Additionally, Bradford talked about having the right people around you that will support you and help you succeed in life, saying, “Choose your relationships wisely”. “Growing up… I had a lot of friends who chose to do things in their life that today they regret.”, said Bradford to the crowd. Bradford says he ultimately found a better group of friends in high school and because of them choosing to apply to college, he wanted to apply as well.

After the speech, the graduates were presented with certificates for graduating. Many of the graduates have been focusing on what’s next after they’ve graduated, and one student is currently at school for business after he graduated last year. “I’ve been motivating myself a lot to continue to wake up every day and strive to get better.”, said the graduate.

When asked about their emotions on such a big day, one student said, “I feel very proud of myself, because it was a long 12 years of high school, elementary and middle school.”

Our youth and their families all are deeply grateful for the support your contributions have provided to get these wonderful young people to the next phase of life with the tools they need to succeed!


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