The Crisis Care Center

Fulfilling a Need for Detroit’s Children

By Crystal Coleman, MA, LLP, Director of Clinical Services, The Children’s Center, Detroit

The Children’s Center set out in February of 2012 to fulfill a need for Detroit families and children in crisis. Almost two years later, we are proud to share the success of this program.

Lack of Resources

A child can experience an emotional crisis at any time. Many times, trauma and crisis happen during non-traditional office hours.  This leaves parents and guardians with few resources and alternatives for care when it is needed most. Most people turn to hospital emergency rooms for care.

Turning to the hospital emergency room for care of a child in emotional distress can be very costly.  A child in crisis can be further stressed by long waits in emergency rooms and exposure to many other types of trauma cases including physical and mental ailments. Many hospital emergency rooms are not equipped to treat children in emotional crisis. Also, the average cost of a hospital stay is $5,700 – out of reach for many Detroiters.

A Successful Alternative

The Children’s Center sought to find a better way to care for children and families in crisis. Our Crisis Care Center gives parents and guardians a proper alternative that allows children to receive immediate and suitable mental health care. Children come into a calm and comfortable environment when they visit the Crisis Center. They are able to stay with parents and caregivers and build a relationship with our professionals. We have treated more than 100 children and families in crisis since our doors opened in February.

A Need Fulfilled

Our Crisis Care Center provides immediate and appropriate care when it is most needed. Children in crisis are seen by professionals who specialize in the treatment of children and families. The Crisis Center treats children between the ages of 4-17 and is open weekdays from 8 a.m. until midnight.

The Crisis Care Center has directly lowered in-patient visits at Detroit hospitals. In fact, before February of 2012, 80% of children in crisis seen in hospitals were admitted. However, 50% fewer children required in-patient care after our Crisis Care Center began operation.

The care provided at The Crisis Care Center is handled more efficiently with professional follow-up by caring staff specializing in the care and mental health of children. This is done by issuing a follow-up call to the child and family within 24 hours of the Crisis Center visit and by providing a plan-in-place for aftercare.

The Crisis Care Center is located at 79 West Alexandrine, Detroit MI, 48201. For more information call 313.324.8557.

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