Help Us Fulfill Wishes and Needs This Holiday Season

For many of us, the holidays bring thoughts of family gatherings and festivities filled with warmth and good tidings. But for families in need, it can be a time of intense anxiety, fear, and need.

“I just lost my job, how can I afford a holiday gift?”

“Will I be able to heat my home?”

“My child doesn’t have a winter coat.”

Help Us Help Families This Holiday

Many of our programs have specific needs that can truly benefit from your generosity. Help us by browsing the wish lists below and making a family’s holiday comfortable and warm.

CC’s Boutique

CC’s Boutique is an on-campus shop offering a variety of new and gently used items, from clothing to household items. Clients are encouraged to shop for goods that meet their basic unmet needs. This holiday, families are in need of the following items:


  • Pots/Pans  
  • Cooking Utensils  
  • House Decorations  
  • Food Containers  
  • New Curtains  
  • New Blankets  
  • New Sheets  
  • New Mattress Pads  
  • New Pillows  
  • New Pillowcases  
  • New Towels  
  • New Washcloths  
  • Dishes  
  • Glasses/Cups  
  • Silverware  
  • Clean Small Appliances  
  • VHS/DVD Players  
  • LeapFrog  
  • Educational Videos  
  • Appropriate Videos/DVDs  
  • Detergent  
  • Paper Towel  
  • Iron  
  • Bed Pads  
  • Wet Wipes  
  • Light Bulbs  
  • Vacuum Cleaner 


  • Pads/Tampons  
  • Bath Puffs  
  • Shampoo  
  • Conditioner  
  • Deodorant  
  • Toothpaste  
  • Regular Toothbrushes  
  • Electronic Toothbrushes  
  • Dental Floss  
  • Vaseline  
  • Lotion  
  • Soap  
  • Lotrimin  
  • Lice Shampoo/Comb  
  • Toilet Paper  
  • Cleaning Products  
  • Sponges  
  • Cleaning Buckets  
  • SOS Pads  
  • Shaving Cream  
  • Razors  
  • Coconut Oil  
  • Hair Oil   
  • First Aid Kits  
  • Band-Aids  
  • Hydrogen Peroxide  
  • Rubbing Alcohol  
  • Talcum Powder  
  • Cotton Swabs 


  • Appropriate Adult Reading  
  • Appropriate Teen Reading  
  • Children’s Books  
  • Kids’ Chapter Books  
  • Examples:
    Judy Bloom
    Junie B. Jones
    Eric Carle
    Dr. Seuss
    The Hunger Games
    Twilight Series
    Educational Books/Work Books
    Coloring Books
    Baby Einstein
    Give a Mouse a Cookie
    Pre-Reader Books
    Infant Books
    Golden Books


  • Crayons  
  • Markers  
  • Pencils  
  • Sketchbooks  
  • Diaries  
  • Pencil Sharpeners  
  • Stuffed Animals  
  • Cars  
  • Non-Violent Action Figures  
  • Dora The Explorer  
  • The Wiggles  
  • Disney   
  • Happy Meal Toys  
  • Games  
  • Puzzles  
  • Finger paint 

Holiday Shop

This is a pop-up experience we organize every holiday. Last year, we served 358 families and 793 children. Each child received a new toy, a stocking stuffer, socks, underwear, a hat and gloves. Each family was given a $25 grocery gift card to help provide a holiday meal. If you’re able to donate any of the items above, please contact us.

Food Pantry

Our food pantry carries a variety of essential items—from non-perishable food to basic household and hygiene products. These are our most pressing needs this season:

Hygiene Items  

  • Diapers  
  • Wipes  
  • Toothpaste  
  • Toothbrushes  
  • Soap  
  • Deodorant  
  • Shampoo  
  • Cotton Swabs  
  • Clean, gently used towels  
  • Clean, gently used face cloths  
  • Vaseline  
  • Hair Oil   
  • Lice Shampoo/Comb     
  • Talcum Powder  
  • Mouthwash 

Cleaning Products  

  • Toilet Paper  
  • Cleanser  
  • White Vinegar  
  • Rags  
  • Bleach  
  • Sandwich Bags  
  • Gallon Bags 

No Kid Left Cold Coat Drive

Every child deserves to stay warm. We are collecting new or gently used coats from now until December 13. Warm winter accessories such as hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, and boots are welcome too.

Foster Children

Below are items needed for emergency placements for infants to 3 years of age.

  • Diapers (different sizes or ages 0-3)
  • Bottles
  • Wipes
  • Baby food/cereal (boxed type)
  • Blankets
  • Onesies (spelling doesn’t look right)
  • Pajamas/sleepers at least

Any other items needed to assist children during emergency placements that come into care with nothing

YASS (Young Adult Self Sufficiency Program)

This program serves youth in Southeastern Michigan who are court wards and have the goal of successful independence as an adult. Many of these youth are residing in dorms or their own apartments and are in need of:

  • Silverware Sets
  • Small Appliances
  • Comforter Sets
  • Linen
  • Towel Sets
  • Desk Lamps
  • School Supplies
  • How to Donate

We greatly appreciate each and every donation we receive. Our children and families do even more.

If you can contribute any of the items on the wish lists above, please contact Holly Soranno at 313-262-1220 or