The Children’s Center’s Sponsors “Read with Me” Week

Reading is fun, don’t you agree? We had a blast celebrating the joy of reading during our “Read With Me” week, March 11-15.

Let Me Read, Please

Hosted by The Children’s Center’s Head Start Academy, “Read with Me” week is a center-wide reading spectacular that brings in guest readers to read out loud to our students.

Everyone from our leadership team to center volunteers, the Tau Beta team and employees at PNC Bank, took a turn at the head of the reading circle, sharing their favorite tales with children.

Helping Kids Prepare for Greatness

The purpose of the event was to help us continue to build a reading foundation for kids as they prepare for success in school. Reading to children is one of the most effective ways to build language skills, creativity, and imagination.

“To create a literacy-rich environment both at school and home during those early childhood years makes a measurable difference in a child’s long-term academic success” says Laura LaFever, Director TCC Head Start Academy.

A Reading Success Story

With more than 20 volunteer readers and a fantastic audience response, the event was an overwhelming success. The smiling faces on our kids said it all.