April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month (CAP) which recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect. The Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) will also be streaming a Facebook Live event with the CTF Director about CAP month.

We will also be hosting several trainings as well as a podcast with our very own Laura Lefever about child abuse prevention and awareness. The Children’s Center will be planting pinwheels all around campus on April 1st so swing by and see the display!

Lastly, we are doing a weekly book giveaway in the month of April. Stop by Building 90, Monday-Wednesday from 10am-6pm to pick up the book of the week. Be sure to stay updated on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We will be posting our CAP month event schedule as well as useful tips and information about child abuse prevention to bring awareness to such an important topic.

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