Learning to deal with difficult people and socialize with confidence are some of life’s great lessons. We’re teaching our children how to cope, respond, and thrive in the world through new Social Skills Groups on Zoom! All made possible by you.

Here are some of topics we’re teaching:

Social Distancing:

  • Does your child know the difference between who they can hug and who to only say “hi” to?
  • Does your child know who they can talk to and who they should not talk to?

Personal Management

  • Does your teen need to start focusing on their strengths for the future?
  • Would you like your teen to feel empowered with high self-esteem?

Coping with Difficult People:

  • Does your child blow up when teased by peers?
  • Does your child avoid going to school because of mean children?


Thank you for supporting these very important programs. The lessons our children learn will last a lifetime.

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