Linda, mother of twin five-year-olds, Mina and Logan, and three-year-old Neo, came to The Children’s Center two years ago. Mina, at three years old, was showing symptoms and behaviors of severe ADHD. She would run away at any chance and be defiant to discipline or reasoning from her parents. Meanwhile, her twin brother Logan had been very slow to develop his language. Linda feared Mina’s need to be in charge was overshadowing Logan’s needs.

Here is Linda’s story in her own words:

“I couldn’t go anywhere. I had an infant in the carrier and two toddlers who would bolt away if I let their hands go. It has been very frustrating to feel like I can’t take care of my kids on my own. As a mother, you feel like you should have everything together. When your children are not behaving the way people expect them to, it’s very embarrassing. I felt like I failed as a mom.

Since coming to The Children’s Center, I have learned that I haven’t failed. I am doing what I need to for my children. Something that has helped me tremendously is the Circle of Security training. This training has taught me how to help the children with their emotions and to take advantage of every opportunity to help them learn and process their feelings.

Now during the pandemic, the kids and I are at home 24/7. It gets hard. It feels like we are just stuck here. Homeschooling all three of them at the same time is a lot. People will ask me ‘how do you do it?’ And I say, ‘Well there is no other option! I have to do what I can.’

I’m so glad to have found The Children’s Center. I hope more and more parents come to get the help I have gotten here. Do not just stay at home and try to work through these kind of difficulties on your own–there are people to help you through.”

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