How do you get a job without experience? It’s something many young students face coming out of college. That’s why The Children’s Center has a robust internship program for students to learn the ins and outs of mental health services. Thanks to you, students studying social work at The University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University, and more institutions gain access to learning opportunities at The Children’s Center. Master’s and bachelor’s level students interning at The Children’s Center are supervised by licensed social workers, counselors and psychologists, and can even provide services that our licensed clinicians cannot.

Take Lauren, for example, the young woman who treated Jasmine and Jayden following the passing of Orlando (see Jasmine’s story). Because Lauren is a student intern, she was able to provide counseling services to Jasmine and Jayden. Lauren even met Jasmine at the hospital right after her house fire to offer immediate support to the family. Our licensed clinicians would otherwise have to refer Jasmine to an agency servicing adult mental health needs due to billing restrictions.

We are proud to offer both students and families the benefits of our internship program. Nearly every department in our agency offers internships with real hands-on experience in fields from philanthropy to psychology. Moreover, many of our former interns have gone on to become full-time employees of The Children’s Center after graduation, including Lauren who began full-time employment in 2020!

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