Sometimes life circumstances and family dynamics can threaten a child-parent attachment. These issues can also interfere with a child’s social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development, like with Laurene and Beatrice’s story.

That’s when our Early Childhood Behavioral Health program can step in. It’s just one of the many programs you generously fund that provide critical home-based and community-based services for families. When our clinicians go into a family’s home to provide therapeutic care, it can increase stability within the household and
improve their existing strengths. These programs help:

  • Clinical engagement with children experiencing behavioral, emotional, and social issues.
  • Reduce abuse, neglect, developmental delays, and behavioral and emotional disorders.
  • Foster a positive attachment between caregivers and infant.
  • Reduce the parent’s mental health issues.
  • Promote optimal growth and development of the child within the family.
  • Help with early detection of mental health and developmental disorders.

It is because of you that these programs exist and thrive. Thank you for continuing to support children and families in need. There is so much more work to do!

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