After 10 failed pregnancies, Beatrice gave birth to Laurene, her miracle baby. Beatrice quickly learned that having a child did not come without challenges. Laurene could not hear until she was two and a half. Her speech and behavior were impacted as a result. Beatrice felt helpless and alone, until she found The Children’s Center:

“Several changes happened in Laurene’s life very quickly. I delivered a son who did not survive infancy. Her father left home for the Navy. We moved to Michigan. These changes took a huge toll on her. She reacted hysterically to change, no matter how small. If she was in daycare and a teacher left her side, Laurene would have a screaming tantrum. I was at my wits end.

That’s when we heard about The Children’s Center. We were put into the Home Based program where our therapist, Marcia, comes to our house to work with us there. She plays games with her, teaches her numbers, colors, and how to share. These activities help Laurene to develop her speech as well as behaviors. Marcia also gives me resources to help me be the best mom I can be.

Laurene has had a 180-degree change. She’s hearing, talking, and joins every activity with full-force. I was so afraid of my child being labeled as “special-needs;” I didn’t want her to be trapped in that box and seen as a problem. But The Children’s Center has given us the tools to overcome our challenges. I felt like I was failing as a mom, but we came here and were accepted with wide-open arms. It’s the best thing I could have done for my family.”

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