Trauma has a deep impact on children that can have serious effects on their brain development. When trauma goes untreated, a child’s life may be altered forever. That’s why at The Children’s Center, we are passionate about providing treatment for trauma as soon as intervention is possible. And you are at the forefront of making this possible.

Early Childhood Behavioral Health Programming

The Early Childhood Behavioral Health program has prevention at its core. Through this program therapists work with pregnant mothers and new parents to help them build strong families and healthy relationships, working on parenting and communication skills so that trauma may be avoided.

Evidence-Based Interventions

For the families who have experienced trauma, therapists trained in evidence-based interventions are key to stopping trauma’s effects as soon as possible. These methods include Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. In these treatments, clinicians provide parents with tools and education that help them support their child’s therapy journey.

Because of you and your steadfast commitment to trauma care, The Children’s Center has become a safe environment for children to heal. Thank you for helping children turn trauma into triumph every day.

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