“I decided to become a foster parent after being inspired by my neighbor, who showed me how simple it was to provide a loving home for children in need. When I came to The Children’s Center, Dynasty (age 13) and Aariyanna (age 7) were placed with me pretty quickly. Both girls are so smart. Way beyond their grade levels and that inspires me.

But because of their history, they struggle with certain issues. They both love any attention that they can get, positively or negatively. Sometimes Aariyanna struggles at school. Despite how smart she is, she can’t sit still long enough for what is expected of her.

Through our work with The Children’s Center, and since being in my home, Dynasty and Aariyanna have come a long way. No longer do they feel like they are in charge and can do whatever they want. They know there are consequences for their actions and rewards for when they behave. I’m so proud of them. I am happy to provide them a home that is fun and joyous but that also comes with appropriate boundaries to keep them safe and healthy.

One of the things that has helped us as a family is the support we receive from The Children’s Center. They provide so many services — way beyond most foster care agencies. We are able to come to the same place for therapy, support groups, and fun activities for all of us.

I have joined the Consumer Council, become a regular volunteer, and have been able to connect with other foster and adoptive parents. The girls attend art enrichment activities, birthday parties, and various outings such as the Thanksgiving Parade and Pistons games. We love coming here.

As of December, I have permanently adopted Aariyanna and Dynasty and we all are so happy. I am thankful for The Children’s Center for bringing us together.”

– Sherri, Parent

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