Summer is on its way, and that means the children receiving our therapeutic or child welfare services are eligible for fun-filled days at camp. And that’s thanks to you and our friends at Tau Beta Association.

Because of this generous support, we offer a one-week day camp for kids ages 12 and older and a four-week day camp for kids ages 7-11. Camp is held Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It not only provides kids a summer outlet and learning opportunities, but it gives parents and guardians a break too.

We’re in need of summer supplies. Will you help?

In order to make our summer activities engaging and enriching, we’re in need of the following donations:

  • journals
  • fun kid pens to write in the journals
  • play-doh
  • matchbox cars
  • new board games
  • a large industrial popcorn machine
  • popcorn and vegetable oil
  • durable swim goggles that block the nose
  • Legos of all sizes
  • comic books appropriate for kids

Calling all volunteers!

Assist with our arts and crafts or even teach our kids a new skill at summer camp. Whether its a jewelry making, gardening, or cooking class, sharing your special talent will inspire our kids and make their summer even more memorable. Don’t tell anyone…. but you’ll have a BLAST too!

To donate or volunteer, contact Jon Carolin at 


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