It’s Foster Care Awareness month and we’re excited to usher it in with a new program called Treatment Foster Care.

The State of Michigan selected our center as one of two sites in the state to pilot the Treatment Foster Care program — an intensive behavior-focused clinical treatment in a community setting. The program’s main goals are to create opportunities for youth to live in a family setting and to help parents and caregivers provide effective parenting.

5 Key Objectives of Treatment Foster Care

1. Provide a consistent, encouraging environment.
2. Provide structure, expectations and consequences.
3. Provide a high level of youth supervision.
4. Limit access to problem peers and greater access to positive peers.
5. Provide an environment that supports school attendance and homework completion.

The Children’s Center is excited to offer a program that has achieved national and international success. Our goal is to begin placing children in homes trained in the Treatment Foster Care program by the end of September.

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